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E-commerce is online selling of products and services e.g. BusinessOfWeb.com or Amazon.in.

Essential components being a quantised goods website with product information, order placement and payment. These are then followed by payment processing, order processing and delivery.  This flow differentiates them from other say, Content websites.

Usually, ecommerce websites have a backend business system in place to manage this process. Websites may have some variations to this flow, however, they could still be catrgorised as ecommerce. An ecommerce storefront would still require real world infrastructure and logistics for its operations.

There are legal and operational differences between conventional business and ecommerce and require much different management practices and ideas. M-commerce is enabling of e-commerce through a mobile phone usually a smartphone.

E-commerce website flow:

- Product Catalogue/Information,

- Order Enquiry Form/Shopping Cart, 

- Payment Options,

- Shipping, Delivery and Contact Details,

- Order Status Tracking,

- Delivery, Cancellation and Refund,

- Reviews and Recommendations,

- Customer Support.

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